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This year we were lucky to have a bright sunny day in Vancouver for the 2016 Summer Solstice. Everyone was out enjoying the longest day of the year, mostly at the beach or on the Seawall in English Bay where it was nice and warm with a cool ocean breeze.

Summer Solstice Landscape Photos

It was a great evening to capture some beautiful landscapes as well as a few shots of the locals out enjoying the day. The light lingers for a long time through the evening until the sun finally sets. The golden hour is especially awesome.

Here are some images from the Vancouver Summer Solstice:

Vancouver Inukshuk
Inukshuk in English Bay
I made a point to make this my last shot before the sun was gone. I had this location in the back of my mind for quite some time and what a great evening to capture it.

Vancouver Summer Solstice
The Arc
This art piece is a super popular subject to photograph. After passing it I looked back and found the sun glowing through the vegetation on the side of the Seawall. A great foreground subject for the evening light.

Burrard Bridge
Dog Enjoying the Solstice
Pretty much everyone was out there enjoying the sunshine. This is at Sunset Beach in English Bay with the Burrard Bridge in the background.

English Bay Sunset
Tree Frame
The trees along the Seawall frame the beach and sunset perfectly.

English Bay Silhouette
English Bay Silhouette
She was enjoying the scenery and held still long enough for a great street shot.

English Bay Seawall
Evening on the Seawall
A beautiful golden glow filled the Seawall as the sun began to set.

Can’t wait for next year’s solstice. They just get better and better every year!

I recently came across some new Adobe Lightroom presets by Sleeklens. The base package for landscape photography called “Through the Woods” is $39.00 and for that you get quite a lot to choose from and it really speeds up the editing process. I went through some photos I took over the past year and selected a bunch that I haven’t done much editing with yet. I was quite pleased with the results and how some of the “Out of Box” presets worked with my photos. Some of these required only 1 or 2 preset options and I was done, while other photos took some time to get it to look just right. I did find many of the presets in the package to be a little over the top. Way over saturated, too dark or too bright. I did find I would get it right after I modified the preset to my liking. The majority of these are definitely a base preset that you can then work from to get the final image you want to create.

False Creek Vancouver

Sunset in False Creek

The Sleeklens preset package offers some great filters for sunsets. I found they worked with my images nicely.

Homesite Creek Falls

Homesite Creek Falls

The “Out of Box” HDR preset is really pretty awesome. Although it’s way over the top for a lot of my work, this one suited it very well.

Francis Peninsula

Francis Peninsula Park

Once again the HDR preset is just great. It really brought out all of the details that were in this image.


Stars Over Pender Harbour

I didn’t expect much for Black and White in this preset package but there are a couple of options that work fairly well. It really depends on the image you’re working with. This particular shot took some time to get just right.

Coal Harbour

Evening Light in Coal Harbour

The Sleeklens presets offer some very vibrant colour options that really work with golden hour and sunset images. This image appeared somewhat flat before I applied any edits and the presets really brought out the vibrant scene that I experienced.

If you’re looking for something new to try out I definitely recommend purchasing the “Through the Woods” Lightroom preset.

See more presets by Sleeklens here



Locarno Beach Sunset

Sunsets in Vancouver are Perfect.

There’s no other way to put it really. Vancouverites are lucky to live on the West Coast of Canada, most within a very short distance of the ocean where all the magic takes place. I’ve found a great sense of peace in Vancouver, especially at sunset when everyone around you takes moment to watch and enjoy the last glimpse of sunlight after another great day.

Beach Path Seawall at Locarno Beach

Sand on Locarno Beach

There are endless locations to take in the beautiful colours that unfold before you in the sky. The reflections in the water and long shadows that fall behind the various landscapes. The moment before the sun dips beyond the horizon is probably the best for some wonderful warm light in your photographs.

West Vancouver Mountains

Everyday is unique. There’s no sunset that is the same as another. The light changes every night the sun goes down, different location, different clouds in the sky and different landscape depending on where you are. This is one of the wonderful things about the sunset as you’ll never see the same thing twice.

The warm glow that lingers after the sun disappears can create the most amazing silhouettes. It’s interesting to see the shapes that form in the landscape and makes great subjects for some wonderful photos. It can change so much that sometimes I feel like I’m in a completely different country. Africa perhaps…

Sunset Silhouette

Sunset Silhouette

If you’re in search of the “Perfect” sunset, I suggest you head to Vancouver. You just might find what you’re looking for.

Locarno Beach Vancouver, BC