• Super Blood Moon in Vancouver

    Blood Moon Over Vancouver, BC

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One of the greatest moments of the day is daybreak. The sun shows itself as it comes up over the horizon and shines beautiful light on everything in its path. While it can be a difficult time for photographers to shoot (those that like sleeping that is), it can be incredibly rewarding.

Last week I was up earlier than usual and thought I should try to take some photos from the rooftop as the sun came up. It was very foggy when I looked out the window which made me consider going back to bed instead of grabbing my gear and walking upstairs to the roof. I figured i’d better try anyways and to my surprise the fog was lifting over the city and it looked just beautiful in all directions.

The Lions in Vancouver, BC
The Lions in North Vancouver, BC

Burnaby Sunrise
Sunrise in Burnaby, BC

2015 has been an amazing year for me! So may things have happened and I have had several opportunities to photograph some incredible locations not only in Vancouver but in several other locations in BC and abroad. The following is a recap of some of the highlights from my travels.

February in Seattle
Seattle Reflections by Jaden Nyberg
I was contracted to do an architectural shoot for a few locations in Seattle. After the work was done I had some free time on a Sunday morning so I ventured down to the Pier in downtown Seattle. It was a cold and very grey morning but the conditions for some artsy photos were just perfect. Follow this link to see more of my Seattle Reflections series.

A Golden View of Lions Gate Bridge
Lions Gate Bridge by Jaden Nyberg
The iconic Lions Gate Bridge seen from a viewpoint on the Stanley Park Seawall. It was an incredibly warm evening in Vancouver for February and blue hour was a great time to capture this shot of the bridge. See more of my Vancouver landscape photos here.

Kauai, Hawaii in March
After a winter in Vancouver despite the fact that it was incredibly mild, a trip to Kauai was in order. We spent 7 days on the island with accommodation on the sunny South Coast near Poipu. Everyday was an adventure and here are some of the highlights from the incredible Garden Island.
Kalalau Valley by Jaden Nyberg
Kalalau Valley

Waipoo Falls by Jaden Nyberg
Waipoo Falls

Fishing by Starlight by Jaden Nyberg
Fishing by Starlight in Waimea

Baby Beach by Jaden Nyberg
Baby Beach

Sunshine and Rainbows by Jaden Nyberg
Sunshine and Rainbows

Life's a Beach by Jaden Nyberg
Life’s a Beach

See more Hawaii landscape photos here.

Sooke, BC in May
Sooke, BC is a secret gem of Vancouver Island. I’ve never had interest in visiting this town but was invited to stay there for a weekend so thought why not. I was mesmerized by how beautiful it is. It was extremely cold at night as we were right on the Pacific Coast but the daytime brought some beautiful weather and warm sun.

Sooke, BC at NightSooke, BC at Night

Sooke, BC Cabin
Cabin in Sooke, BC

Sooke, BC Potholes Regional Park
Sooke Potholes Regional Park

Sooke, BC Pebble Beach
Pebble Beach

Sooke, BC Cruise Ship
Cruise Ship in the Fog

The Sunshine Coast, BC
I had several opportunities to visit the Sunshine Coast for the weekend. It’s such a photogenic place with beautiful forests, lakes, rivers and of course an endless coastline with great beaches. It’s hard to see it all and I seem to keep returning to the good spots. Here’s a few:
Skookumchuck Narrows by Jaden Nyberg
Skookumchuck Narrows

Pender Harbour by Jaden Nyberg
Pender Harbour

Howe Sound by Jaden NybergHowe Sound

Kayaking in Sechelt Inlet by Jaden NybergKayaking in Sechelt Inlet

Davis Bay by Jaden NybergDavis Bay

Davis Bay by Jaden NybergDavis Bay

Clear Cut by Jaden NybergClear Cut in Big Trees Park

Howe Sound Sunset by Jaden Nyberg
Howe Sound Sunset

See more landscape photos of the Sunshine Coast, BC here.

BC Forest Fires Engulf Vancouver
It was an incredibly long hot and dry summer this year and that made the risk of Forest Fires extremely high. Record numbers of fires were started throughout the province either naturally or by humans. They became quite horrifying as they crept closer to nearby cities. After changes in the weather, Vancouver was soon engulfed in thick smoke that lasted for several days.
Forest Fire Sunset by Jaden Nyberg
Forest Fire Sunset

English Bay in Smoke by Jaden Nyberg
English Bay Engulfed in Smoke

Gastown Grand Prix
I had seen photographs of the Gastown Grand Prix before but never had the chance to see it in person. I made my way down to Gastown in the late afternoon and found hundreds of spectators watching cyclists race through the streets of Gastown in downtown Vancouver. It was an incredible event that will hopefully continue for many years.

Gastown Grand Prix by Jaden Nyberg
Gastown Grand Prix

Early Mornings and Incredible Hikes
This summer I was spoiled with some inspiring locations in the back country of the Vancouver Mountains. Numerous early mornings we set out to climb a new mountain not returning until sunset. The photo opportunities were endless!
Mount Seymour by Jaden Nyberg
Mount Seymour

Morning Bliss at Buntzen Lake by Jaden Nyberg
Morning Bliss at Buntzen Lake

Norvan Falls by Jaden Nyberg
Norvan Falls

Goat Mountain by Jaden Nyberg
Goat Mountain

Diez Vistas Trail by Jaden Nyberg
Diez Vistas Trail

Goat Mountain by Jaden Nyberg
Goat Mountain

Lunar Eclipse on September 27
A very rare lunar eclipse happened this year and for the first time I was able to capture some amazing photos of this event in Vancouver. It was clear skies and there were hundreds of spectators all over the city.
Super Blood Moon in Vancouver
Super Blood Moon

See more of my Lunar Eclipse and Blood Moon photos here.

Bella Bella, BC
I traveled to Bella Bella for 1 day to do a contract shoot. Before we left I had about 20 minutes on the Pier in Shearwater to take some photos. Here is one of my favourites.
Shearwater Pier by Jaden Nyberg
Shearwater Pier

Moved to Burnaby, BC
Probably the biggest event for me this year was moving. After a year of searching we finally found a great apartment in Burnaby Heights and couldn’t be happier with the decision. We spent 5 years in a high rise tower so a low rise building with a communal rooftop terrace sounded just awesome. Here are a few photos from around the new area!
Hastings Traffic by Jaden Nyberg
Hastings Traffic

Industrial Paradise by Jaden Nyberg
Industrial Paradise

Mount Baker by Jaden Nyberg
Mount Baker

Thanks to everyone for an amazing year. I hope that 2016 will bring some great new photos and awesome experiences.
Happy New Year!

It’s been a busy few weeks but I┬ádid find some time to get out and shoot. I focused on panoramic shots of some city locations around Vancouver and in Lynn Canyon Park. Here are a few of the photos:

City Scape from George Wainborn Park
Cityscape from George Wainborn Park in Vancouver, BC

Forever Green in Lynn Canyon Park
Forever Green in Lynn Canyon Park

Forest Scene in Lynn Canyon Park
Forest Scene in Lynn Canyon Park

Vancouver Cityscape from Olympic Village
Vancouver Cityscape from Olympic Village

The sun sets in False Creek
The sun sets in False Creek

Olympic Village
Olympic Village

Olympic Village
Olympic Village

Cambie Street Bridge
Cambie Street Bridge

Olympic Village Condos
Olympic Village Condos