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Buntzen Lake Reflections

Morning Bliss

Buntzen Lake in Anmore, BC is nothing short of spectacular scenery. Surrounded by mountains, this 4.8km lake is worth every moment you spend there. The lake boasts a great beach for swimming and has some additional more private locations to take a dip if you hike around to the sides or back of the lake. There are also several hiking trails in the area. The main trail circles the lake along the power lines and branches off into other trails that lead into the mountains. On this visit I hiked the Diez Vistas trail, but that’s a whole other story to write about.

If you get to the lake early in the morning you’ll be greeted with some peace and quiet and some amazing reflections on the water as the sun rises over the mountains. By mid-day the lake is bustling with kayakers, paddle boards and boaters which is probably one of the main attractions of this beautiful spot.

Below are some photos from sunrise before the big hike.

Sunrise on Buntzen Lake

Buntzen Lake Mountains

Buntzen Lake Mirror

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  1. […] but as usual, every climb is worth every second. Diez Vistas is part of the network of trails near Buntzen Lake in Anmore, BC. If you make it there early you’ll enjoy a beautiful view over the lake as the sun rises over […]

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