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Chasing Rainbows in Burnaby, BC

Burnaby Rainbow

There’s been some crazy weather lately in the Lower Mainland, especially in Burnaby where I live. Freak rain storms, extremely humid days that turn into thunder storms, hail and still snow falling in the mountains. It’s the middle of May so this is pretty rare for us. Along with the rainstorms, we’ve been getting some really great rainbows popping up for a short period of time. They sometimes only last a few minutes and then they’re gone.

I wandered up to my rooftop after a storm hit. I could see the sun trying to come out just before sunset so I figured there must be some interesting skies happening. To my surprise in the opposite direction of the sun was a full rainbow stretching across South Burnaby near Metrotown. It was just gorgeous! I quickly setup my gear and managed to snap a few shots before the rainbow was gone. The sunset was subpar, so this rainbow was the highlight of my evening.

Burnaby Rainbow

Burnaby Rainbow

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