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Chiapas, Mexico – Agua Clara Blue Pools

Agua Clara Bridge - Chiapas, Mexico

[post_thumbnail]The Chiapas province of Mexico has some incredible sights to see and are definitely for the adventurous type traveler. While on a day trip through some of the mountainous regions of Chiapas we stopped at some incredible blue pools called “Agua Clara”. They were an impressive turqouise blue and just cool enough to be refreshing. A rickety suspension bridge stretched across the pools about 10 meters above ground. It was definitely not for the faint hearted. As you cross the bridge, children chase you trying to sell chips and candies. They’ll do anything to bring home a few pesos for their family. They’ll leave you alone after a while if you ignore them.

These beautiful pools and old suspension bridge are a definite must see in Chiapas, Mexico. There are local travel guides in Palenque Town that will take you out to see them for the day plus some other incredible spots.

Crossing Agua Clara – Chiapas, Mexico

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