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Coal Harbour in Vancouver, BC

coal harbour stars

Imagine what you would be able to see if everyone in Vancouver turned their lights off. A few more stars, some constellations you didn’t know were there or possibly even the Milky Way. Living in or near the city has its drawbacks especially with the amount of light pollution that can be seen from miles away.

I wanted to see if I could show others what is really there with a photograph. Using the Expose to the Right technique for the sky and a second exposure for the foreground I was able to create this image. There are in fact many stars up there that you wouldn’t normally be able to see because of the amount of light pollution.

To capture what is really out there I composed this photograph with 2 exposures. 1 for the foreground and the second for the stars using the Expose to the Right technique (ETTR). It’s really amazing what you can’t see on such a clear night.

Coal Harbour in Vancouver, BC

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