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Exploring Maui with Long Exposure Photography

Grey Morning in Paradise

Maui is a photographers heaven, especially when it comes to landscape and long exposure photography. I spent a week there and made good use of the little time I had for photography.

Maui is full of incredible waterfalls. Some very easy to access and some are at the end of a long difficult hike. Since I was pressed for time I stuck to the easy to see falls.

Upper Waikini Falls
Upper Waikini Falls – Maui, HI

This beautiful falls was right off the side of the road on the way to Hana. It took a bit of a climb to get close to it but nothing too difficult. It was pretty quiet there so we had lots of time to spend capturing images.

If you’re looking for some good long exposure locations, head to the North Shore. It’s a lot more rugged and the waves are much bigger which can make for some great long exposure shots.

Ke'anae Peninsula
Ke'anae Peninsula – Maui, HI

A very popular little cove is Secret Beach in Wailea. It’s pretty quiet if you’re there super early in the morning and has some great locations for landscapes.

Secret Beach
Secret Beach – Maui, HI

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