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Hanalei Bay on Kauai, Hawaii

The North Shore of Kauai, Hawaii is full of lush green landscape and some beautiful beaches that go on for miles. Hanalei Bay is one of the more popular locations as it’s easier to get to than most of the beaches along the North Shore and it’s just a few minutes from town.

One of the attractions of Hanalei Bay is Hanalei Pier which stretches 340 feet into the bay. It was originally built shorter with a wooden deck and then rebuilt with a concrete deck in 1912. You’ll find the pier at the mouth of Hanalei River.

In the summer months the weather is often hot and sunny but can also be unpredictable. The weather can change instantly on the North Shore and rain storms come frequently.

This photograph was taken from a viewpoint on a grassy hill found a few minutes past the Pier. It’s a little hard to find but easily accessible. This spot gave me a perfect view of the pier on the bay and the surrounding mountains. The long exposure helped to make the water look still so you get the feeling of how peaceful Hanalei Bay is when you see it in person.

Hanalei Bay Pier - Kaui Hawaii
The Hanalei Pier in the early morning with the beautiful peaks of the Kauai mountains behind.

This photo was taken from the beach close to the first viewpoint. I found a great spot that showed the beautiful palm trees along the bay with the incredible blue sky and surrounding mountains. Around the bend by the pier is the mouth of Hanalei River.

Hanalei Bay Morning

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