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Hiking Diez Vistas Trail in Anmore, BC

Hiking the Diez Vistas Trail is no easy task. It’s a gruelling 14km hike with a 500 meter climb up a very steep and rough trail but as usual, every climb is worth every second. Diez Vistas is part of the network of trails near Buntzen Lake in Anmore, BC. If you make it there early you’ll enjoy a beautiful view over the lake as the sun rises over the mountains.

To get to the Diez Vistas trail you park at the Buntzen Lake parking lot and make your way to the South end of the lake where it gets a bit swampy. There’s a foot bridge to cross over to the other side where the trail begins. After a few minutes you’ll begin a steep climb to the top. Watch your step, it’s very rough terrain and the trail becomes quite narrow at certain sections.

The trail isn’t well kept but that gives it some interesting landscape

The trail is well marked but not very well kept in a lot of places. Large tree root systems have become very visible from heavy rains and there are loose rocks all over the trail especially in the steeper sections. All of these obstacles make the trail a challenge for anyone.

Incredible root systems on the trees

The climb to the top was no easy task

Take a step into the unexplored

There are so many beautiful locations throughout the forest as well as viewpoints of Indian Arm and Vancouver in the distance.

One of the best views on the trail

Beautiful BC forest

At the Top of Diez Vistas – 460 meters

After the climb to the top and following the trail to each viewpoint you begin to descend another steep trail to the bottom. This leads back to Buntzen Lake where you hike back along the lake about 6km. Be sure to leave at least 4-6 hours for this hike and bring lots of water. It’s an all day excursion.

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