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St Mark’s Summit – Hike to Amazing Views of Howe Sound

St. Mark's Summit

St mark's summit in west vancouver
Photography by Jaden Nyberg

The amazing views from St Mark’s Summit in West Vancouver, BC are worth every moment and getting there isn’t half bad either. Some may beg to differ but the feeling of gratitude and exhilaration when you reach the summit will definitely make you want to return.


St Mark’s Summit – Howe Sound Crest Trail

St Mark’s Summit is part of the Howe Sound Crest Trail in West Vancouver that spans over 30km from Cypress Bowl to a point along the Sea to Sky Highway near Porteau Cove. It is a moderately difficult hike from the base of Cypress Mountain through steep mountain terrain with an elevation gain of approximately 460 meters. The trail is well groomed for several kilometers and then quickly turns into steep elevation with soft dirt and huge tree roots.

st marks summit deer
st marks summit trail
st marks summit trail

If you hit the St Mark’s Summit trail early in the morning it’s a much more pleasant hike as the trail is empty, the temperatures are cool and of course the light is just amazing for photos. The trail is quite narrow at times so if there’s no one to pass you’ll reach the top much quicker.

st mark's summit tree tops
st mark's summit roots on trail
st marks summit lions view

St Mark’s Summit Views of Howe Sound

Once at the summit the trees clear to shorter vegetation and some rock face that leads to the viewpoint. If you explore the area a bit there are some additional viewpoints worth seeing. The panoramic view consists of Howe Sound, The Tantalus Range and even the Gulf Islands and Vancouver Island off in the distance.

st mark's summit howe sound viewpoint
st mark's summit howe sound viewpoint

If you’re feeling adventurous and have the time to keep going, the trail continues onwards for several hours to the Lions.

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