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HMV Records Closes its Doors

HMV Records on Robson

[post_thumbnail]A legacy is gone…what could be next?
Earlier this month HMV Records on Robson and Burrard St. in downtown Vancouver closed its doors. This fantastic 3 story retail store provided Vancouverites and visitors a great location to purchase CD’s, DVD’s and Games for many years. It was always an exciting place to shop being filled with all things musical including its very own DJ booth. Prior to HMV Records the store was known as Virgin Records who were bought out by HMV Records in 2010.

After a 3 month mega store closing sale with all merchandise going for up to 80% off its lowest ticked price the store finally closed its doors to the public and is now vacant. Technology in our society today has changed the way we purchase music and movies leaving many other retailers with little or no business. It is difficult to think what could possibly happen next.

What company could possibly take over this retail location? It has been rumoured that Apple may have its foot in the door as well as Nordstrom. Nothing has been determined though. Thank you HMV Records and Virgin Records for an awesome shopping experience that has lasted many years.

HMV Records Closing Sale

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