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iPhone Photography in the Fog – Burnaby, BC

iPhone Photography Morning in the Fog

Shooting in the fog can be super fun, even if all you’ve got is your phone. I took my son for a walk early one morning and came across this cool layer of fog at the park. He was asleep, YAY! So I spent a while wandering around snapping some cool fog photos with my phone.

Look for Leading Lines

After a few minutes I started to look closely at the landscape for leading lines. Anything in the area that drew me into a scene. There were lots of possibilities and I found that narrow back allies worked great, especially when the fog gave it an entirely different perspective. The path through the park also provided a nice curve to lead you into the scene. The coolest leading line I could find was the sun rays! At just the right angle, the sun would poke through the fog and send bright beams of light shooting in all directions. Each light beam lead back to the center of the image so it worked out perfectly.

Find Angles that Work Well with the Scene

I tried all sorts of angles to figure out which worked the best. Getting low to the ground gives a completely different perspective and in the fog, it can show the scene quite differently. If I angled my phone a certain way then I could catch the sunlight and get some great lens flare coming through the fog. The opportunities are endless, you just have to spend the time and find the ones you like.

Very soon after I really got into it, my phone crashed and I couldn’t turn it back on. I guess I sucked out the battery pretty quick. Never leave the house without charging your phone. The fog lifted really quickly too, I was happy with what I got!

Note: All photos in this post have little or no editing. Straight out of the camera phone!

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