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Kauai, Hawaii – A Morning by the Ocean

Kauai, Hawaii

[post_thumbnail]The quiet and very laid back island of Kauai in Hawaii is the perfect place to relax any time of day. The early morning was my favourite in particular. The town of Wailua near Kaapa and also close to the airport has a great set of hotels right on the beach. The shoreline is a bit more rugged which makes for some great photographs of driftwood and waves crashing on the rocks.

At times the rains will come overnight and clear by morning. This can change the coastline dramatically depending on the size of the storm. The lighting is also quite different. If you’re looking to photography sunrises, you’ll see plenty of those, you just have to get up early enough.

Take your time and enjoy your surroundings. Make the effort to walk down the beach to see what’s around the corner as you’ll quite often be pleasantly surprised by what you see.

Ocean Whisper
Ocean Whisper – Kauai, Hawaii

Morning on Kauai
Water on the rocks – Kauai, Hawaii

Waves crashing on Kauai beach
Waves Crashing – Kauai, Hawaii

Rushing Waves
Rushing Waves – Kauai, Hawaii


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