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Kennedy Falls & Big Cedar Hiking Trail in North Vancouver

Kennedy Falls North Vancouver

Kennedy Falls in North Vancouver

Hiking to Kennedy Falls is a Refreshing Forest Adventure

I had heard a little bit about Kennedy Falls over the last year and seen a few photographs here and there but I really wasn’t expecting to see such a magnificent waterfall after hiking 2 hours deep in the woods. The early spring weather has been very warm and the snow has melted quite fast leaving the lakes and rivers overflowing with water. Kennedy Falls was gushing when we arrived and it looked just spectacular.

Kennedy Falls

The trail is quite technical with lots of roots exposed and trees fallen over the trail. You’ll have a lot of short climbs up and down the trail as you move through the forest although you only climb 150 meters in elevation. It’s worth it though.

On route to Kennedy Falls you will see a beautiful old Cedar Tree just off the trail. It’s so big that it takes several people joining hands to form a circle around it. A very beautiful site if you don’t see big trees too often.

If you’re looking for a short but more advanced hike with a beautiful reward at the end, Kennedy Falls is a must!

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