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Landscape Photography for District of North Vancouver

What a fantastic summer in Vancouver!
Aside from the terrible forest fire smoke that engulfed the Lower Mainland, I think we had a pretty decent summer with lots of beautiful sunny weather. Now it is straight into Fall with some epic fall colours coming very soon.

This summer was very exciting for me as I had the opportunity to do some landscape photography for the District of North Vancouver. All the parks in North Vancouver are just beautiful and a lot of fun to explore so this project was a fantastic experience. I ventured out numerous times over the last couple of months during the early morning to escape the heat and find some epic sunrise light and then again late in the evening for golden hour and sunset.

For some of the shoots I worked with a model which allowed for my landscapes to include a human element. There’s not always people out and about in the early morning or late in the evening so it makes it difficult to capture people in the moment.

The weather cooperated for the most part and I was gifted with some incredible sunset colours and beautiful cool mornings with great light. Here are some of my favourites from the summer.

Cates Park

Lynn Creek

Maplewood Flats

Mosquito Creek

Murdo Frazer

Upper McKay Creek

Capilano River

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