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SmugMug SEO – Your Guide to Search Engine Optimization for your SmugMug Website

Do you get discouraged when you think about website maintenance, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Google Indexing?

You are not alone! As a photographer I often find all of these things to be extremely overwhelming. I just want to make photographs in all honesty... To make things a little bit easier on you so you can get out shooting more, I have created this special SmugMug Website SEO Guide just for you!

Buy the SmugMug SEO guide complete with 16 pages of tips to optimize your SmugMug website and get it indexed on google. Tons of tips and SmugMug SEO Info on sale for just $4.99!

My job as a website developer has lead me to discover that template websites such as the ones created by SmugMug aren't the easiest to optimize for SEO. SmugMug has come a long way and they have done an amazing job to create smart and beautiful looking website templates for photographers. These websites deserve to be optimized and indexed by google as much as possible! If you are new to SmugMug, it is extremely easy to setup a website and start optimizing it for the best possible results on google.

What you will learn in the SmugMug SEO Guide:

Tips to Optimize Your Image Metadata

Your image metadata is an important factor for optimization with google search. Learn what your image needs before you upload it to SmugMug.

Tips to Optimize Your Image Within SmugMug Admin

The SmugMug platform has a powerful image optimization tool. In this guide you will find some tips on optimizing your image for google search.

How to Optimize Your SmugMug Website Page Title & Description

Your website page title and description are very important parts of the optimization process. Learn a few best practices inside the SmugMug SEO guide!

How to Optimize Your SmugMug Gallery Page Title & Description

SmugMug contains both galleries and custom pages that need to be optimized. This guide will show you the best ways to optimize them.


How to Optimize Your SmugMug Website Page Content

Onpage optimization is a standard SEO practice, but on SmugMug it becomes more difficult. This guide will help you to optimize your custom pages.

How to Submit Your Website URL to Google

Getting your site indexed once it is complete is a must. Learn how to submit your website to google.

The Steps to Verify your SmugMug website with Webmaster Tools

You may not even know what webmaster tools is, but it's a very important part of the optimization process and will give you some valuable information about your customers. Read the SmugMug SEO Guide to learn more about it!

How to Use Google Webmaster Tools Search Analytics

Pinpoint the best keywords to optimize your website with Search Analytics in Webmaster Tools. This guide will show you how!

How to Submit Your SmugMug Website Sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools

SmugMug sitemaps explained! Don't miss out on this valuable information about XML sitemaps.

How to Submit Your SmugMug Website Image Sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools

Yes, there's image sitemaps too. Learn the secret to getting your images indexed on google search.

Start a Backlinking strategy

Sharing links strategically will take your website optimization to the next level. Get a few pointers on backlinking in the SmugMug SEO Guide!

Sign up for a Google Business Listing

Get your business listed now! You're missing out on valuable customer data.


2 thoughts on “SmugMug SEO – Your Guide to Search Engine Optimization for your SmugMug Website

  1. Thanks! This article was very helpful in my quest to understanding more about optimizing my site.

  2. Hi Jaden, Now i’m no pro at websites but own a very large smugmug site, after many arguments with them, the heroes! due to images not indexing, the site is over two years old, no images index on the google console , some of the heroes become confused themselves, they have told me they don’t know why I have no images indexed, yet if I search I will find many images in google images but many have also never shown up,

    I run tests and the SEO test states I have no XML but smugmug keeps telling me I don’t need one. hope you still keeping up, Had a friend say it may be an XML issues, but I don’t know how or what to do in the webmaster.

    How I run my website in the google account, two domains added, each page url is added and crawled, google then states being blocked by robot text.

    Very pleased with the outcome of so much work and always learning as I go, I find photography simple compared to websites.


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