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Memorable Hawaiian Sunsets

While traveling in Hawaii this October I witnessed many memorable sunsets. Hawaii is a beautiful place and the difference in landscape and scenery change drastically between each beach and island. If you’re a sunset lover and enjoy a little relaxation then Hawaii is definitely the perfect spot. I recommend anywhere on Kauai for ultimate peace and quiet as its so laid back. No big highways and much less traffic in general. Give yourself at least a week to explore, you’ll need much more than that if you can afford it.

Waikiki Beach Sunset
Waikiki Sunset Silhouette – October 2011

Hawaii - Waikiki Pier Sunset
Waikiki Beach – October 2011

Hawaii - Waikiki Sunset
View of the Moon from Waikiki Beach – October 2011

Brennecke Beach Sunset
Brennecke Beach Sunset on Kauai – October 2011

Hawaii - Life on the Pier
Life on the Pier – Waikiki – October 2011

Hawaii - Beach Life
Surfer on Waikiki Beach – October 2011

Brennecke Beach Sunset
Sunset on Brennecke Beach – October 2011

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