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Photographs of Sooke, BC

Sooke, BC

I recently spent a weekend in Sooke, BC and was blown away!
I had not heard much about Sooke other than it was a small town outside of Victoria. It wasn’t really on my list of places to see in British Columbia but my wife and her friends were going for a weekend getaway and I decided to tag along. It had been years since I took the ferry through the inside passage to Vancouver Island. The scenery was still just as spectacular as the first time. The warm sun brought a lot of people outside the ferry to relax on the top deck and take in the views of the nearby Gulf Islands. The ferry was on time thankfully and we were soon docked and on our way to Sooke.

Inside Passage Vancouver Island
Inside Passage – Photo by Jaden Nyberg

The highway passes through some beautiful oceanfront scenery and winds through large fields until you reach the town of Sooke after about an hour drive. The air was noticeably colder as we stepped out of the car. I wasn’t expecting it but soon remembered we were right on the open Pacific ocean and there was bound to be some colder winds through the passage. It was early in the evening still so I spent some time exploring the interesting cove that our vacation rental was perched above. Each home along the water seemed to be quite separated and had it’s own private beach down the cliff in front of it. It’s a very rocky coastline so each beach access was very extravagant in order to get you down the steep cliffs. Ours was one of the most extravagant with a bridge crossing over to a pointy rock formation with a spiral staircase that leads to the beach.

Sooke BC Beach Access
Beach Access – Photo by Jaden Nyberg

Sooke, BC Pebble Beach
Pebble Beach – Photo by Jaden Nyberg

Sooke, BC Sunset
Sooke, BC Sunset – Photo by Jaden Nyberg

The coastline of Sooke is absolutely stunning! Fishing boats can be seen nearby casting lines in hopes to make a big catch for the day. In the distance cruise ships make their way in and out of Victoria. The whole while the waves crash against the pebble beach sending relaxing sounds up the cliffs to the house. It soon became dark and since Sooke is quite distant from Victoria there are no city lights. The moon came out helping to guide the way down to the beach at night.

Sooke, BC Cruise Ship
Cruise Ship – Photo by Jaden Nyberg

Sooke, BC at Night
Sooke at Night – Photo by Jaden Nyberg

Sooke, BC Cabin
Cabin on the Hill – Photo by Jaden Nyberg

One of the more popular locations to visit nearby is Sooke Potholes Regional Park. Just a ten minute drive from town you’ll find some spectacular views of Sooke River and several incredible rock formations that make small swimming holes. The temperature was noticeably warmer in the forest away from the coast and surprisingly the water isn’t all that cold making it a great place to cool off in the hot sun. There are several trails in the park as well as camping during the summer months. Definitely plan for a full day of exploring here!

Sooke Potholes Park
Sooke Potholes Regional Park – Photo by Jaden Nyberg

Sooke, BC Potholes Regional Park
Sooke Potholes Regional Park – Photo by Jaden Nyberg

Even if it’s just a short weekend getaway, a trip to Sooke, BC is well worth it. There are many places to explore in the area and it would take weeks to see them all.

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