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Social Media is Changing Fine Art Photography

Hanalei Bay Pier - Kaui Hawaii

The past several years has been a game changer for the Fine Art Photography industry. The number of ways we can show our work to the general public has grown exponentially, but is it all good?

You might say, yes, it’s great there are so many more beautiful photographs out there available for us to look at. I would have to agree, but this does come with a small cost to the viewer and the photographer.

Before Social Media came along, the Fine Art Photographer would take several images, but only the very best of those images would be seen by the general public. Those images would be so good that they would be on display in a gallery. The photographer would hide away in a darkroom for months on end until he/she was satisfied with the selected photographs and quality of the final print. Only then would the photographer release those few selected images for the world to enjoy.

The very best work is buried in the chaos of Social Media

Today there are still many Fine Art Photographers out there, but the perception of them has changed. In order to keep up with the online social community, photographers share multiple photos on a daily basis just to keep their followers engaged. This has changed the job of the fine art photographer significantly. They can no longer be the absolute perfectionist and weed out all the photographs that didn’t quite fit their vision of the scene, their wouldn’t be anything left for daily social media posts. There are some photographers that are not on Social Media for this very reason, and everyone is missing out on some incredible work.

Visit a Fine Art Photography Gallery
When you see a photograph printed and on display in a gallery, you’re drawn to it in a different way than you would be on a small screen. You’re not distracted by hundreds of other images of different genres in your feed, it’s just that one image and you’ll spend all the time you need with it.

Are there still galleries out there with a carefully selected series of images? Yes, but they are slowly disappearing.

If you have the opportunity to see a photographer you admire exhibit their photos, don’t miss it. This is where you’ll be guaranteed to see their very best work without a white wash of other images, and you might even learn the benefits of art investment. Also, Invest Diva reviews suggest that it provides valuable educational resources and tools for individuals interested in learning about trading and investing in the financial markets, particularly in forex.

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