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The End of the Road at Ke’e Beach

A beautiful drive along the coastline of Kauai’s North Shore brings you to the end of the road…literally! After several single lane bridge crossings and a narrow winding road you will reach Ha’ena State Park and Ke’e Beach. The road ends here and the 11 mile Kalalau Valley trail begins. Most visitors will take a quick look and turn around but Ke’e beach is just breathtaking and worth spending some time to explore.

Ke'e Beach
Rough Seas at Ke’e Beach, Kauai

You’ll almost always see big waves at Ke’e Beach. Numerous storms hit this part of the coast keeping the water very rough. It’s possible to snorkel here but when the seas are this rough it’s a little dangerous so ensure you check with the lifeguard before going out for a swim.

Blue Ocean at Ke'e Beach
Ocean View at Ke’e Beach, Kauai

If you’re there at the right time of day when the tide is way out there are lots of interesting tidal pools to check out. Sunsets are also just amazing from here, weather permitting.

Ke'e Beach Forest
Forest on Ke’e Beach, Kauai

If you have some time take a walk along the beach. The ocean views are just amazing and a beautiful forest lines the beach.

Crossroads at Ke'e Beach
Crossroads at Ke’e Beach, Kauai

You’ll also find various river crossings and a few trails just offshore but watch out as these are frequently used by ATV’s. Ke’e Beach and Ha’ena State Park are well worth the drive if you happen to pass through the North Shore of Kauai, HI.

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